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AC Wind Turbine 400W RX-400H3


This is one of our most sold home wind turbines, a light and efficient turbine, featuring 3 rotor blades. It’s a good fit for boats and street lamps etc. It comes with 10 years warranty.


Product description

  1. Easy installation, maintenance and repair
  2. Very low start up speed; low vibration; high wind energy utilization
  3. The generators, adopting patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special kind of stator design, efficiently decrease resistance torque. Meanwhile, it makes the wind turbines match the generators quite well and increase its reliability
  4. Precise injection molding blades together with the optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure
  5. Blades have high utilization of wind energy which contributes to the annual energy output
Start-up wind speed4.5 mph
Rated wind speed29 mph
Max wind speed 112 mph
Weight21 lbs
Number of blades quantity3
Blade length26 in
Blade materialNylon fiber
GeneratorPermanent magnet synchronous
generator with
three-phase alternating current
Controller systemElectromagnetic/yaw
Regulating wayAutomatic adjustment of wind angle
Working temperature-40°C - 80°C
Schematic 1
Schematic 2

Additional information

Weight22 lbs


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