AC Wind Turbine 1000W RX-1000H3


  1. Low start-up speed, small and elegant
  2. Flange or tube connection optional, easy installation
  3. Adopting a new set of slip ring power output device, no cable winding concern
  4. Blades using new art of precision injection molding
  5. Rare earth permanent magnet generator and special stator
  6. Aluminum alloy body, anti-corrosion treatment, resistant to to acid and alkali, applicable in salty environment
Start-up wind speed4.5 mph
Rated wind speed28 mph
Max wind speed90 mph
Weight77 lbs
Number of blades3
Blade length41 in
Blade materialReinforced glass fiber
GeneratorThree-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator
Controller systemElectronic-magnet &automatically adjust the windward Angle
Working temperature-40°C - 80°C


Additional information

Weight1340 lbs



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